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erra Club enthusiastically endorses Anna Tovar for the Arizona Corporation Commission. For Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Jevin Hodge - District 1 Deedra Abboud - District 2. Whitney Walker - District 3 Steve Gallardo (i) - District 5. For Pima County Board of Supervisors. Rex Scott - District 1 Matt Heinz - District 2 Sharon Bronson (i.

Obituary. Kevin Lee Hodge 57, of Aberdeen went home July 22nd, 2021 after a long 6 ½ year battle with Cancer. Kevin was born in Salem, Oregon on June 30, 1964 to Ray Hodge and Wilma Jean (Hatch) Hodge. Kevin was the baby of the family with two older brothers, Mark and Keith. The family moved to Aberdeen in 1970.

2022 Arizona Senate | ...2022 GOP Candidates: Mark Brnovich, Blake Masters, Jim Lamon, Michael McGuire, Dem Candidate: ...2022 Generic Congressional Vote. USA Today/Suffolk. Republicans 40;. The ArizonaArizona.

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In Congress, I will fight to reduce premiums, co-pays, and the cost of medicines for families and seniors. We also need to increase the insurance choices available to consumers which will.

Jevin Hodge Running For US House Election Year 2022 State & District Arizona - 001.Adam Metzendorf Running For US House Election Year 2022 State & District Arizona - 001. Tom O'Halleran Running For US House Election Year 2022 State & District Arizona. This week, the first-ever photograph of a black hole was unveiled.The visual evidence was published Wednesday and showed a ring of light.

Hodge was born in Tempe, Arizona. He earned a bachelor’s degree from George Washington University. Hodge’s experience includes working as a business consultant, as the national.

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